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aIt's very nice of you to invite me. 你真是太好了,请我来做客。
bI'm very glad you could come, Mr. Liu. Will you take a seat at the head of the table? It's an informal dinner, please don't stand on ceremony... Mr. Liu, would you like to have some chicken? 刘先生,您能来我很高兴,请上坐。这是一次家常便饭,请大家别客气。刘先生,要吃点鸡肉吗?
aThank you. This is my first time to come to a Chinese restaurant. Could you tell me the different features of Chinese food? 谳谢,这是我第一次来中餐馆,请给我讲讲中国菜的不同特色好吗?
bGenerally speaking, Cantonese food is a bit light; Shanghai food is rather oily; and Hunan dishes are very spicy, having a strong and hot taste. 一般来讲,广东菜清淡一些;上海菜比较油腻:湖南菜香味浓,辣味很重。
aChinese dishes are exquisitely prepared, delicious, and very palatable. They are very good in colour,flavour,and taste. 中国菜做得很精细,色、香、味俱全。
bMr. liu, would you care for another helping? 刘先生,再来一点吧?
aNo more, thank you. I'm quite full. 不啦,谢谢。我已经够饱了。
bDid you enjoy the meal? 您吃得怎么样?
aIt's the most delicious dinner I've had for a long time. It's such a rich dinner. 好久没有吃过这样美味的饭莱了。这顿饭莱太丰盛了。
bI'm so glad you like it. 你能喜欢,我不胜荣幸。
aThank you very much for your hospitality. 谢谢你的盛情款待。
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