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aAll the food smells tasty today and makes my mouth water. 今天所有的食物闻起来都很香,我都流口水了。
bLet's line up here. This line seems a little shorter. 我们在这儿排队吧。这一队看起来短些。
aWhat's on the menu today? 今天的菜单上有什么?
bFish, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables and beancurd. For staple food we have rice, steamed bread, stuffed buns and noodles. 有鱼、牛肉、猪肉、鸡肉、青菜和豆腐。主食有米饭、馒头、包子和面条。
aOh,we're lucky today, aren't we? 噢,今天我们很幸运,不是吗?
bI'd rather take stewed cabbage with beef. 我想吃牛肉炖白菜。
aI think I'll take fried fish, because fish is one of my favorites. 我想吃炸鱼,因为鱼是我最喜欢的。
bThat's good, we can share what we have. Here we are. You go ahead. 那太好了,我们可以分享我们的菜。到我们了,你先买。
a(They get everything ready)Here is a free table. Let's sit down. Help yourself to some fish please. Isn't it delicious and appetizing? (他们买好了)这里有一张空桌子。我们坐下吧,请吃鱼。难道不好吃,看着很有食欲吗?
bI'm sorry I don't like it's a little too salty. 很抱歉我不喜欢。有点咸。
aI see. You people from south prefer sweet, don't you? 我知道你们南方人喜欢吃甜食,是吗?
bYes, I like the fish cooked in sweet and sour sauce best. Try some beef, please. 对,我最喜欢吃糖醋鱼。请吃点牛肉吧。
aThank you. I'm through with one steamed bread and I'd like a second helping. 谢谢你。我已吃完一个馒头了,而且我还想吃一个。
bYour appetite is good. 你的胃口不错。
aI'm always feeling hungry. 我总是感到饿。
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