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aHi, Jenny. Are you going to school now? 嗨,珍妮,你现在要去上学吗?
bYup. I have English at 9 in the morning. 是啊!我早上9点有英文课。
aGot any plans after the class? 下课后有事吗?
bNot really. What about you? 没有,你呢?
aWe will have our midterm exams next month. I plan to look for some important books and study at the library. Do you want to join me? 我们下个月期中考。我想在图书馆读书并找一些书。你要一起来吗。
bSure. I need to return some books. They are due today. Besides, I can also read some weekly publications, magazines and newspapers. 好啊!我也要还书。我的书今天到期。还有,我想读一些周刊、杂志和报纸。
aGreat. We can go to the swimming pool in the gymnasium after that. 太好了。我们之后可以去体育馆里的游泳池。
bThat sounds like a good idea. We can chill out a litle in such a hot summer. Are you good at swimming? 听起来很不错。我们可以在炎炎夏日中消暑一下。你擅长游泳吗。
aWell, that's a good quesion. I haven't swum for almost two years. I think I need more practice. 嗯。这是个好问题,我已经两年没游泳了,我想我要多练习。
bOh, it's almost 9. I need to hurry. I am running late now. See you after class in front of the library then. Bye! 喔,快9点了。我要赶快,我快迟到了。那么下课后图书馆前见。再见!
aSee you then. 到时候见。
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