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aIt was very nice of you both to take me to the airport. 谢谢你们两位把我送到机场。
bOh,it's our pleasure.You'll keep in touch with us at the office,won't you? 哪儿的话。您仍会通过这儿的办事处继续跟我们保持联络,是吧?
aOf course. And please let me know if I can be of any help while I'm in Beijing. 那当然。我在北京期间,如果有任何我能帮得上忙的话,请一定告诉我。
bIt's a deal. 一言为定。
aBy the way,if you have time,why don't you come to Bejing while we're there? 对了,假如您有时间,趁我们在那儿,何不来北京一趟?
bOh,what a great idea!Wouldn't a trip to Beijing be wonderful? 对,那真是个好主意!去北京旅行不是很棒吗?
aWell,the trip sounds wonderful but to be honest,the exchange rate is too high. 是啊,好像是很棒,可是说老实话,总觉得外汇率太高了。
bYou have a point there,but please,give it some thought. We'd be more than happy to have you stay with us in Beijing. 说的也是。但话说回来,还是请你们再考虑一下。到北京在我们家住的话,我们会更高兴。
aWell,that's very nice of you. 啊!那太好了。
bIt sounds like they're boarding now.Have a good trip. 好像他们现在开始登机了。祝您旅途愉快。
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