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aHi, Natasha, how's life? 嗨,娜塔莎,最近怎么样?
bGreat. My family came to visit me. 挺好的,我家里人来了。
aOh, you must be very happy. How many people are there in your family? 那你一定很高兴了。顺便问一下,你们家有几口人?
bMy immediate family is very large. It's my mother, my father, my two older brothers, my younger sister and me. 我的直系亲属很多,有妈妈,爸爸,两个哥哥,妹妹和我。
aI have a small family. They are my parents, my younger brother and me. 我家人不多。父母,弟弟和我。
bI thought you were the only child in the family. Didn't China practice the only-child policy in the early 1980s? 我以为你是独生子女呢。中国不是从20世纪80年代早期就开始实行计划生育政策了吗?
aYes, it did. But my parents are ethnic minority people. It's a preferential policy for an ethnic minority family to have two children. 是的,的确是,不过我父母是少数民族的。少数民族极家庭可以享受优惠政策生2个孩子。
bInteresting. What do you think about families with only one child? 挺有意思的,那你怎么看待独生子女家庭呢?
aThe child must feel very longly. My younger brother is 10 years younger than me. Before he was born, I used to be the only child and always dreamed that I would have a younger sister or brother one da 我觉得孩子一定很孤独。我弟弟比我小十岁。他出生之前,我一直是家里的独生子,那时我一直希望自己能有个弟弟或妹妹。
bDo you get along well with each other? 那你们相处的好吗?
aYes, we are very close. He is 12 years old and very smart. He always makes us laugh a lot. 是的,我们俩关系很好。他今年12岁了,很聪明。经常逗得大家笑个不停。
bYou are very lucky to have such a nice family. 你真幸运,有这么幸福的家庭。
aThank you. 谢谢你。
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