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  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:网络是如何运作

    Books and Artts; Book review;How the internet works;文艺;书评;互联网如何运作;Mapping the tubes;绘制网路全景;Contrary to expectations, the internet has a heart of cable and steel和预期不一样,互联网 2012-07-13 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:新书出炉 祸不单行

    Books and Arts;Book Review;New fiction;Trouble in pairs文艺;书评;新书出炉;祸不单行Beautiful Lies. By Clare Clark.《美丽谎言》,克莱尔·克拉克著买。 CLARE CLARK found her new heroine when she unea 2012-07-04 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:悼巴西足球哲人苏格拉底

    Obituary;Sócrates;讣告;苏格拉底;Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira, Brazilian footballer and political agitator, died on December 4th, aged 57.巴西足球员及政治鼓动者苏格拉底· 2012-07-03 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:书卷中的英伦风光

    Books and Arts; Book Review; English landscape;Up hill, down dale文艺;书评;书卷中的英伦风光;风光无限好 TOM FORT pedals down the A303 in Britain’s soft south. Paul Barker trudges round Hebden Bridg 2012-07-02 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:奥匈帝国末代皇帝之子

    Obitury;Otto von Habsburg;讣告;奥托·冯·哈布斯堡大公;Archduke Otto von Habsburg, son of the last Austro-Hungarian emperor, died on July 4th, aged 98.奥托·冯·哈布斯堡大公,奥匈帝国末代皇帝之子于 2012-06-28 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:英国二战女特工南希·威克

    Obituary;Nancy Wake; 讣告;南希·威克;Nancy Wake—saboteur and special agent, died on August 7th, aged 98.南希·威克——二战间功勋卓越的英国间谍特工,8月7日去世,享年98岁。Convivial, and not averse 2012-06-25 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:沙滩上的爱因斯坦

    Books and Arts; Opera review; Einstein on the beach;文艺;歌剧评论;沙滩上的爱因斯坦;Breaking the waves; An avant-garde opera on a rare world tour.乘风破浪;一部先锋歌剧正在进行世界巡演,机会难得。 2012-06-21 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:地毯哲学家雷·安德森

    Obituary;Ray Anderson;讣告;雷·安德森;Ray Anderson, America's greenest businessman, died on August 8th, aged 77.雷·安德森,美国最具环保意识的生意人,于8月8日逝世,享年77岁。 WHEN Ray And 2012-06-20 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:科学究竟有什么用?

    Books and Artts; Book review;文艺;书评;Conundrums of science;科学谜题;What is it for?科学究竟有什么用?Scinece in the 20th century and beyond; by Jon Agar;20世纪后科学;乔·艾格著;SCIENCE works w 2012-06-19 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:和平活动家布莱恩·霍

    Obituary;Brian Haw讣告;布莱恩·霍Brian Haw, peace campaigner, died on June 18th, aged 62布莱恩·霍——和平活动家,于六月十八日逝世,享年六十二岁When Brian Haw sat in his old canvas chair in front of 2012-06-18 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:欧洲高尔夫球王

    Obituary;Seve Ballesteros;讣告;塞弗·巴耶斯特罗斯;Severiano Ballesteros, Europe's greatest golfer, died on May 7th, aged 54.欧洲高尔夫名将Severiano Ballesteros,5月7日辞世,享年54岁。As he 2012-06-14 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:诗歌的力量

    Books and arts;book review;文艺;书评;James Fenton's poetry;Flower power;詹姆士.芬顿的诗;诗歌的力量;A modern master goes from strength to strength;一位逐渐成长起来的当代诗坛巨匠; 2012-06-13 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:宝莱坞巨星山米·卡帕尔逝世

    Shammi Kapoor山米·卡帕尔Shamsher Raj Kapoor, Bollywood superstar, died on August 14th, aged 79山米什尔·罗杰·卡帕尔,宝莱坞巨星,于8月14日逝世,享年79岁THE stately descent of an eyelid; the five-mi 2012-06-12 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:都铎王朝那些事儿

    books and arts文艺book review书评New fiction新小说Tudor prose都铎王朝那些事儿Bring Up the Bodies.By Hilary Mantel.《死尸示众》拉里·曼特尔著。HILARY MANTEL'S Man Booker prize-winning novel, “ 2012-06-11 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:古巴人权活动家劳拉·普兰

    Laura Pollan劳拉·普兰Laura Pollan Toledo, teacher and human-rights campaigner, died on October 14th, aged 63.劳拉·普兰·托莱多 —— 教师和人权活动家,于10月14日去世,享年63岁。THE house at 963 Call 2012-06-08 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:糖果店里的孩子

    Books & Arts 图书与艺术The Metropolitan Museum of Art大都会艺术博物馆The Metropolitan’s new director gives his first interview与大都会博物馆新管理人的初次面谈“I FEEL like Dorothy in ‘The Wiza 2012-06-07 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:墨西哥一代大文豪卡洛斯·富恩特斯

    Carlos Fuentes卡洛斯·富恩特斯Carlos Fuentes, man of letters, died on May 15th, aged 83学者卡洛斯·富恩特斯于5月15日逝世,享年83岁EVERY summer holiday when he was at school, Carlos Fuentes would stay 2012-06-06 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:土耳其的文化雄心(4)

    The BM says that the stele entered its collection in 1927, nine years after the collapse of the Ottoman empire, and it had been acquired in Syria, not in Turkey. The Turks were unimpressed. “The Bri 2012-06-05 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:土耳其的文化雄心(3)

    For most of the 20th century Turkish authorities were happy to lend their treasures for foreign exhibitions and ignored the provenance of most pieces in Western collections. Today, however, the gover 2012-06-04 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:土耳其的文化雄心(2)

    Curators in other countries are alarmed at what they see as growing aggression. A leading museum director even described the campaign as “blackmail”. So what chance has Turkey of winning this new c 2012-06-01 编辑:melody