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  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:病毒基因已经变得非常廉价

    Microbiologist Paul Keim at the ScienceWriters2011 conference in Flagstaff on October 16 explained that sequencing a pathogen's genome has dropped in 10 years from $500,000 to as low as $10. 2012-05-22 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:狗便换免费Wifi

    Stepping in dog poo is said to bring good luck, but for most people it’s one of the worst things that could happen as they walk through the city. Owners not picking up their pets’ droppings is a gl 2012-05-21 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:纽约发现新品种青蛙

    Scientists discover new species all the time—on the order of 15,000 a year. One of the latest additions to the tree of life is a new type of leopard frog. Which might sound unremarkable, except for 2012-05-18 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:我们怎样看待半裸的男人和女人?

    Research finds that scantily-clad women and men are judged in similar ways. Christie Nicholson reports 研究发现,人们会对穿着暴露的男女做出相似的判断。We typically think of women as the targets of bo 2012-05-17 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:我们会低估自己的重量

    In a world full of mirrors, what I'm about to tell you may be a surprise. But many overweight people do not know they're obese. They underestimate their weight, according to a study i 2012-05-07 编辑:richard
  • [] 科普阅读:环保厕所的绿色之路

    1970-01-01 编辑:
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:环保厕所的绿色之路

    Is the attempt to make environmentally friendly roadways doomed to wind up in the toilet? Actually, it may be the other way around. To earn a green certification, the Meador Kansas Ellis Trail in Bel 2012-04-28 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:战痘记之麝香侠影

    Compounds found in the herb thyme have antibiotic properties. Now scientists have demonstrated that thyme might have a future role in fighting acne.研究表明,由于麝香草中的化合物具有抗菌性,未来可被用 2012-04-05 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:听点小音乐 轻松学分数

    Stuck on a tricky math problem? Start clapping. Grade school kids who learned about fractions through a rhythm-and-music-based curriculum outperformed their peers in traditional math classes. The wor 2012-04-05 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:智能手机迎来嵌入式迷你投影仪

    As much as mobile-phone technology improves over time, there's one aspect guaranteed to remain the same—screen size. Any bigger and you start creeping into tablet territory. That's why laser 2012-04-01 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:古典音乐减缓小白鼠的排斥反应

    Opera and classical music can relax you – and maybe your immune system, if results with mice extend to us. Because mice that got heart transplants and who listened to opera and classical music 2012-03-31 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:常吃巧克力,身材更纤细

    It's a dangerous time of year for a chocoholic—chocolate rabbits and eggs abound. But a weakness for the cocoa bean might not be a bad thing: those who indulge more frequently seem to actually h 2012-03-30 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:学习能力与睡眠时间有关

    Sleep has many functions—including facilitating learning.[qh]睡眠有多种功能——包括促进学习。[qh]Now a study finds that when we acquire new information, and how soon we sleep after that may affect o 2012-03-29 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:植物也受噪声影响

    You can almost hear the law of unintended consequences at work among the flora and fauna of northwestern New Mexico.[qh]你几乎不敢相信新墨西哥州西北动植物研究工作带来意想不到的结果。[qh]Thousands of 2012-03-28 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:听音乐人声,感普遍情绪

    When you hear Western music, you generally get the emotional tone. A major key is happy. (Music plays.) A minor one? That's sad. (Music plays.)[qh]我们在聆听西方音乐时,一般会听出情绪性的音调。大 2012-03-27 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:重口味有助减肥

    The smell of a rich dessert can make your mouthwater. But can an extra helping of its smell help you eat less?[qh]一顿丰盛的餐后甜点的浓郁香味让人口水直流。但是额外的香味能让你吃得少一点吗?[qh]To fi 2012-03-26 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:香味浓郁的食品有助减肥

    The smell of a rich dessert can make your mouthwater. But can an extra helping of its smell help you eat less?[qh]丰富的餐后甜点让你流口水,不过它的味道能有额外的作用,帮助你减少食欲吗?[qh]To find o 2012-03-22 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:求欢被拒的苍蝇借酒浇愁

    You know the scene—it’s a Friday night, and your date just canceled. You’re bummed, maybe a little hurt. You think now might be a good time for a beer, maybe a bourbon. And you have good 2012-03-21 编辑:richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:脱水影响女性的心情

    Mild dehydration is defined as a 1.5 percent loss in normal water volume in the body. And two recent studies with men and women find that, beyond affecting your body, mild dehydration can impact your 2012-02-29 编辑:Richard
  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:网恋难以成功的秘密

    A team of psychologists reviewed online dating sites and their conclusions are not promising.[qh]一个心理学研究小组揭示了婚恋网站和它的前景不容乐观。[qh]Online dating might give you something, but it 2012-02-24 编辑:Richard