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  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:网络是如何运作

    Books and Artts; Book review;How the internet works;文艺;书评;互联网如何运作;Mapping the tubes;绘制网路全景;Contrary to expectations, the internet has a heart of cable and steel和预期不一样,互联网 2012-07-13 编辑:melody
  • [高级口译翻译辅导] 高级口译英译汉必备15篇(10)

    The economist John Maynard Keynes argued that market behavior could not be rational, or subject to improvement, since our existing knowledge did not provide a sufficient basis for a calculated mathem 2012-07-12 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:星光灿烂 英格兰的冥想

    Books and Arts; Opera Review; Damon Albarn’s new opera;文艺;歌剧评论;戴蒙·亚邦的新音乐剧;Star light, star bright;A meditation on England;星光灿烂;英格兰的冥想;In 1572 a new star blazed through 2012-07-05 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:新书出炉 祸不单行

    Books and Arts;Book Review;New fiction;Trouble in pairs文艺;书评;新书出炉;祸不单行Beautiful Lies. By Clare Clark.《美丽谎言》,克莱尔·克拉克著买。 CLARE CLARK found her new heroine when she unea 2012-07-04 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:悼巴西足球哲人苏格拉底

    Obituary;Sócrates;讣告;苏格拉底;Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira, Brazilian footballer and political agitator, died on December 4th, aged 57.巴西足球员及政治鼓动者苏格拉底· 2012-07-03 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:书卷中的英伦风光

    Books and Arts; Book Review; English landscape;Up hill, down dale文艺;书评;书卷中的英伦风光;风光无限好 TOM FORT pedals down the A303 in Britain’s soft south. Paul Barker trudges round Hebden Bridg 2012-07-02 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:奥匈帝国末代皇帝之子

    Obitury;Otto von Habsburg;讣告;奥托·冯·哈布斯堡大公;Archduke Otto von Habsburg, son of the last Austro-Hungarian emperor, died on July 4th, aged 98.奥托·冯·哈布斯堡大公,奥匈帝国末代皇帝之子于 2012-06-28 编辑:melody
  • [跟可可学口语] 跟可可学最新口语热词:太空经济

    美国空间技术产业已经创造了2万多亿美元的巨额利润,而中国航天产业2010年总收入刚刚步入1000亿元大关,中国的太空经济还有很大的发展空间。请看中国日报网报道:The successful launch of the Shenzhou Ⅸ spacecr 2012-06-27 编辑:echo
  • [时事新闻] BIS:全球经济陷入"恶性循环"

    The global economy is experiencing a "vicious cycle" in which the efforts of governments, households, businesses and the financial sector to reduce their debts are worsening each others& 2012-06-25 编辑:justxrh
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:英国二战女特工南希·威克

    Obituary;Nancy Wake; 讣告;南希·威克;Nancy Wake—saboteur and special agent, died on August 7th, aged 98.南希·威克——二战间功勋卓越的英国间谍特工,8月7日去世,享年98岁。Convivial, and not averse 2012-06-25 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:沙滩上的爱因斯坦

    Books and Arts; Opera review; Einstein on the beach;文艺;歌剧评论;沙滩上的爱因斯坦;Breaking the waves; An avant-garde opera on a rare world tour.乘风破浪;一部先锋歌剧正在进行世界巡演,机会难得。 2012-06-21 编辑:melody
  • [新闻热词] 热词学习:Aerospace economy 太空经济

    美国空间技术产业已经创造了2万多亿美元的巨额利润,而中国航天产业2010年总收入刚刚步入1000亿元大关,中国的太空经济还有很大的发展空间。请看中国日报网报道:The successful launch of the Shenzhou Ⅸ spacecr 2012-06-20 编辑:justxrh
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:地毯哲学家雷·安德森

    Obituary;Ray Anderson;讣告;雷·安德森;Ray Anderson, America's greenest businessman, died on August 8th, aged 77.雷·安德森,美国最具环保意识的生意人,于8月8日逝世,享年77岁。 WHEN Ray And 2012-06-20 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:科学究竟有什么用?

    Books and Artts; Book review;文艺;书评;Conundrums of science;科学谜题;What is it for?科学究竟有什么用?Scinece in the 20th century and beyond; by Jon Agar;20世纪后科学;乔·艾格著;SCIENCE works w 2012-06-19 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:和平活动家布莱恩·霍

    Obituary;Brian Haw讣告;布莱恩·霍Brian Haw, peace campaigner, died on June 18th, aged 62布莱恩·霍——和平活动家,于六月十八日逝世,享年六十二岁When Brian Haw sat in his old canvas chair in front of 2012-06-18 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:堕落的爱

    Books and Arts;Book Review;New American fiction;Tainted love;“Dirt”by DAVID VANN.文艺;书评;一部新的美国小说;堕落的爱;《丑事》大卫·范恩著。DAVID VANN’s first short-story collection, “Legend o 2012-06-15 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:欧洲高尔夫球王

    Obituary;Seve Ballesteros;讣告;塞弗·巴耶斯特罗斯;Severiano Ballesteros, Europe's greatest golfer, died on May 7th, aged 54.欧洲高尔夫名将Severiano Ballesteros,5月7日辞世,享年54岁。As he 2012-06-14 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:诗歌的力量

    Books and arts;book review;文艺;书评;James Fenton's poetry;Flower power;詹姆士.芬顿的诗;诗歌的力量;A modern master goes from strength to strength;一位逐渐成长起来的当代诗坛巨匠; 2012-06-13 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:宝莱坞巨星山米·卡帕尔逝世

    Shammi Kapoor山米·卡帕尔Shamsher Raj Kapoor, Bollywood superstar, died on August 14th, aged 79山米什尔·罗杰·卡帕尔,宝莱坞巨星,于8月14日逝世,享年79岁THE stately descent of an eyelid; the five-mi 2012-06-12 编辑:melody
  • [经济学人综合] 经济学人:都铎王朝那些事儿

    books and arts文艺book review书评New fiction新小说Tudor prose都铎王朝那些事儿Bring Up the Bodies.By Hilary Mantel.《死尸示众》拉里·曼特尔著。HILARY MANTEL'S Man Booker prize-winning novel, “ 2012-06-11 编辑:melody