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  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Christina Perri & Jason Mraz - Distanc

    Song:DistanceArtist:Christina Perri & Jason MrazMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:The sun is filling up the roomAnd I can hear you dreamingDo you feel the way I do right now?I wish we would just 2012-07-18 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

    Song:MistletoeArtist:Justin BieberMV Star:★★★★★Style:R&BLyrics:[Justin Bieber]It’s the most beautiful time of the yearLights fill the streets spreading so much cheerI should be playin 2012-07-12 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Meghan Trainor - Title

    Meghan Trainor - Title~!~!~!~!~!~!~! 2015-11-20 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Tone Damli Aaberge & Eric Saade - Imag

    Song:ImagineArtist:Tone Damli Aaberge & Eric SaadeMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:Every step that I take迈开每一步It\\\\’s like miles from where I wanna be感觉和理想越来越远miles away fr 2012-07-11 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Sara Bareilles - Bottle It Up

    Song:Bottle It UpArtist:Sara BareillesMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:There'll be girls across the nation that will eat this up, babeI know that it's your soul, but could you bottle it 2012-07-05 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Taylor Swift & B.O.B - Both Of Us

    Song:Both Of UsArtist:Taylor Swift & B.O.BMV Star:★★★★★Style:Pop / RapLyrics:[Taylor Swift - Chorus]I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both usSomeday I will be strong enough to 2012-07-02 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Brodka - VARSOVIE

    Song:VARSOVIEArtist:BrodkaMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:I fell in love with the cityAt first sight it looked prettyWe used to share the same love for greyThrough the blanket of cloudsIt wasn 2012-06-29 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Take That - Kids

    Song:KidsArtist:Take ThatMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:Kings and Queens and PresidentsMinisters of GovernmentsWelcome to the future of your worldThrough talking heads that took libertiesThe 2012-06-28 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Maroon 5 - One More Night

    Song:One More NightArtist:Maroon 5MV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:You and I go hard, at each other like we going to warYou and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slammin' the doorYou 2012-06-27 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Michael Jackson - They Don't Care Abou

    Song:They Don't Care About UsArtist:Michael JacksonMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:Skin head, dead headEverybody gone badSituation, aggravationEverybody allegationIn the suite, on the news 2012-06-26 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 嘻哈高清MV:Massari - Real Love

    Song:Real LoveArtist:MassariMV Star:★★★★★Style:R&BLyrics:Girl, girl I'm goin' outta my mindAnd even though I don't really know youI must've been runnin' outta timeI' 2012-06-25 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Darin Zanyar - Everything But The Girl

    Song:Everything But The GirlArtist:Darin ZanyarMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:When I saw you I knew you were the oneI want to orbit you like you're the sunBut let me know before I come un 2012-06-21 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Mika - Make You Happy

    Song:Make You HappyArtist:MikaMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:All I wanna do is make you happyAll I wanna do is make you happyAll I wanna do is make you happyAll I wanna do is make you happyAl 2012-06-13 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Moriah Peters - Well Done

    Song:Well DoneArtist:Moriah PetersMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:I'm headed down this narrow roadChosen by the fewAnd all that I know isYou told me to follow YouI'm taking a risk and 2012-06-12 编辑:volo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Enrique Iglesias - Somebody's Me

    Song:Somebody's MeArtist:Enrique IglesiasMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:You, do you remember me?Like I remember you?Do you spend your lifeGoing back in your mind to that time??Cause I, I 2012-06-06 编辑:volo
  • [VOA流行美语讲座] VOA流行美语 Unit 394:走神,发呆&开始进入情况

    Larry和李华明天要考试,今天一起复习,但李华一直没法专心。她今天会学到两个常用语:zone out和now you're cooking with gas。LL: So Reaganomics were the economic policies of U.S. President Ronald 2012-06-05 编辑:echo
  • [VOA流行美语讲座] VOA流行美语 Unit 393:枯燥,一成不变&某人有兴趣干的事

    Larry和李华星期六晚上待在家里,觉得有些无聊,他们会用到两个常用语:stuck in a rut和someone's cup of tea.LH: Larry, 好无聊啊! 你说干点什么好啊?Larry: (Distracted) Huh? Uh, yea... that' 2012-06-04 编辑:echo
  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Will Young - I Just Want A Lover

    Song:I Just Want A LoverArtist:Will YoungMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:I just want a loverNothing that is complicatedI don't want to know youWe don't have to talk about itLet us both 2012-06-04 编辑:volo
  • [VOA流行美语讲座] VOA流行美语 Unit 392:可疑&储藏

    最近李华看到朋友Kevin经常向大家要用过的吸管,觉得奇怪,便决定和Larry一起探个究竟。李华会学到两个常用语:shady和to stock up。LH: Larry, Kevin在做什么啊?LL: Hmmm...that's a good question.LH: 他 2011-06-01 编辑:echo
  • [VOA流行美语讲座] VOA流行美语 Unit 391:恢复健康&体臭

    李华前阵子伤到左手,最近刚刚康复。今天Larry到医院来看李华。李华会学到两个常用语:back on your feet和B.O.。LL: Li Hua, are you feeling better now?LH: 你看,我现在都能搬东西了呢!LL: Whoa, be careful! 2012-05-31 编辑:echo