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英语PK台(MP3+文本) 第644期:用内在的声音打开陌生的心

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My day started just like all the other days for the past 15 years where I get up, make some coffee, shower, get dressed and leave for the train station at precisely 7:35 A.M. to arrive at work by 8:30. While on the train I would always choose a seat away from the crowd so I can read the newspaper in peace and quiet.
At work I am always being bombarded with questions from co-workers, suppliers, telephone calls and then those dreaded meetings so the last thing I need is some stranger to sit beside me and start small talk.
I don't know why but for some reason when I got on the train today it was unusually full, something I don't recall ever happening in the past. With hesitation I sat down in the only seat available beside a middle-aged man that had his head down and seemed to be lost in his thoughts. I was glad that he didn't notice when I sat next to him as he just continued to look down towards the floor.
Shortly after the train left for my 30-minute ride downtown I found myself wondering what this man was thinking about. What could be so important that he didn't even see me sitting next to him? I tried to forget about it and started to read my paper. However, for some strange reason this "inner voice" kept prompting me to talk to this man. I tried to ignore the "voice" as there was no way I was starting a conversation with a complete stranger.
用内在的声音打开陌生的心As you probably guessed I eventually broke down and came up with an excuse to ask him a question. When he raised his head and turned his eyes towards me I could see that he must have been really upset as he had red eyes and still had some tears rolling down the side of his face despite his feeble attempt to wipe them away. I can't describe the sadness I felt seeing someone in so much pain.
We talked for about 20 minutes and in the end he seemed to be doing better. As we were leaving the train he thanked me profusely for being an angel by taking the time to talk. I never did find out what was making his heart so heavy with pain but was glad I listened to the "voice" that day.
Several weeks had passed when I noticed an envelope on my desk after returning from lunch. It was not addressed to anyone and only had the word "Angel" written on it. My receptionist attached a note saying a gentleman dropped it off saying he did not know my name but had described me well enough that the receptionist knew it was for me.
When I read the note inside the envelope I was so filled with emotions that I couldn't contain myself. It was a letter from the man I met on the train thanking me again for talking to him and saving his life that day.
Apparently he had some very hurtful personal problems that were so overwhelming he was planning to take his life that day. In his letter he went on to explain that he was a religious person and in desperation screamed out to God that if God really cared about him he would send someone to prevent him from taking his life. In his eyes I was that someone, that Angel sent by God.
Not being a religious person myself I don't know what that "voice" was that made me take a chance and talk to a stranger but I do know that it made a difference in someone's life that day. So the next time you feel prompted for no apparent reason to talk to a friend, relative, neighbour or even a complete stranger please remember my story. You just may make a difference in someone's life when you listen to your inner voice.
我本身并不信奉宗教,也不知道那个促使我尝试与一位陌生人交谈的“声音” 代表着什么,但是我知道那个声音就在那天让某个人的生活发生了改变。因此,下次当你体会到那种促使你与一位朋友、一位亲人、一位邻居,或者甚至一位完全陌生的人交谈,却找不到任何明显理由的感觉时,请记起我的故事。倾听自己内心的声音,你可能会改变某个人的人生。
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available [ə'veiləbl]
adj. 可用的,可得到的,有用的,有效的
feeble [fi:bl]
adj. 虚弱的,无力的
eventually [i'ventjuəli]
adv. 终于,最后
prompting ['prɔmptiŋ]
n. 刺激,激励,暗示 动词prompt的现在分词
minutes ['minits]
n. 会议记录,(复数)分钟
overwhelming ['əuvə'welmiŋ]
adj. 势不可挡的,压倒的
contain [kən'tein]
vt. 包含,容纳,克制,抑制
vi. 自制
ignore [ig'nɔ:]
vt. 不顾,不理,忽视
upset [ʌp'set]
adj. 心烦的,苦恼的,不安的
v. 推翻,
conversation [.kɔnvə'seiʃən]
n. 会话,谈话